We were established as an apple and pear plantation on approximately 1000 acres in 2011 in Yeşilgölcük, Niğde. Our apple and pear garden has an average altitude of 1350 and the temperate continental climate is dominant in the region. Fruit quality is quite high. The variety of red apples has very good color and shape. By the year 2018, no products were left outside the mesh system in our garden. Our plantation has been fully covered by agricaltural nets and drip irrigation system. Therefore, we protect our products from sun burn and hail damage. Three propeller systems were installed to prevent frost damage. Bec Fruit has a fully automatic drip system and a fertilizer system suitable for good agriculture. The distribution of our trees is Scarlet Spur 71,725, Jeromine 22,000, Super Chief 37,500, Golden 25,850, Ruby Gala 14,860, Shiniga Gala 10,864, Fuji Sheen Aztec 8,000, 16,800 pear species.

Since Bec Fruit foundation, every single year our company rewarded Good Agricaltural Processes, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Green Energy

We provide our energy requirement with our 0,5 mw solar energy system.